Move Liquidity with Low Slippage on Any Chain
The dream came true with Symbiosis that aggregates decentralized exchange liquidity across numerous blockchains.

A bridge to every ecosystem

We provide liquidity to every major blockchain thus forming a blockchain metaverse (c). Symbiosis works as a unified transport layer for cross-chain communication


Trustless non-custodial system secured by TSS (Threshold Signature Scheme) and Multi-Party Computation


All Relayers’ network community-driven nodes have bonded tokens at stake to process swaps


Virtually anyone can become a relayer to help secure and influence the future of the blockchain metaverse

Best rates across multiple chains

We constantly monitor the best exchange rates for thousands of available cryptocurrency pairs in real-time

Concentrated liquidity

Discover the most efficient trade routes. No need to get lost in multiple applications anymore

No Special Software

Symbiosis is as easy to use as Uniswap. Users won’t need to back up a key file, download a new browser wallet or install some special software

Improved UX for crosschain

Tired of holding a different native assets in order to pay gas fees? We will solve this by introducing crosschain gasless transaction

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