///// Hello, stranger.
Imagine, you come to swap any of your token to BTC. Sounds nice, right?
We’ve made it the reality, come give it a spin~~
Developer Tools

Any project or developer can utilize our SDKs and API to supercharge her DeFi / Web3 vision.

Kotlin Multiplatform-enabled mobile Symbiosis SDK, JavaScript Symbiosis SDK for browser extensions and API — choose what suits you the most.

What tools do we have?

/////////<Who can use Symbiosis?>

/////<Who can use Symbiosis?>

Crypto Wallets
NFT Marketplaces
Gambling / Casino
DAO Buidlers
Crypto Payments
DeFi Aggregators

/////<What do we offer?>

/////////<What do we offer?>

Any to any swaps
One-click exchanges and liquidity provision
5+ Networks in a single interface
5+ Interoperable Cross- Chain Liquidity Pools
Additional revenue stream
User acquisition tool
Inter-blockchain messaging protocol

/////<Find your use case>

/////////<Find your use case>

Check out our documentation for more information:
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